Selcomm is a world-class Customer Care, BSS and Converged Billing System, specifically designed to manage a Service Provider’s business efficiently.  Selcomm has been developed from core research and development facilities at Select Software R&D’s headquarters in Australia and has been servicing a wide range of Service Providers successfully for many years.  Selcomm is arguably the most comprehensive and feature rich product in the marketplace, specifically designed for the complexities of Converged Billing and Device Management.
Select Software has been specialising in Customer Care, BSS and Converged Billing since 1994. Our team has a wealth of industry-specific expertise.
Select has significant business advantages:

  •  We have a short lead-time for our implementation projects
  •  We have proven, robust systems used by leading Service Providers for many years
  •  We are cost-effective, yet rich in features, ensuring greater business value
  •  We deliver what you need now and expand with your business, as you need it
  •  We reduce your ongoing operational costs whilst improving your business integrity
  •  We have extensive industry experience in project management and custom development
  •  We manage the business integration of your network and financial systems
  •  Our world-class products can be customised easily to meet your needs.
Selcomm’s Converged Billing, BSS, CRM and Provisioning modules support all service types, including fixed line voice, wireless/mobile (GSM, 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE, satellite), Voice over IP (VoIP), data (dialup, DSL, broadband), content, video and many more.
Selcomm supports Provisioning and Billing for all carriers including: Telstra, Optus/Singtel, Vodafone, AAPT, M2, TPG, GlobalStar, Iridium and many others. Please refer to our Partner Integration page for a larger sample.
Select Software leads the industry in Australia with a completely outsourced Converged Billing, BSS, and Customer Care service via the Selcomm Cloud Service.  The Selcomm Cloud Service is a business model that delivers key operational Business Support Systems for Service Providers and other businesses.  It includes remote hosting of the Selcomm software suite, packaged with ongoing services from highly experienced support staff that manage the Service Provider’s key operational processes and IT systems.  The Selcomm Cloud Service is provided to a numerous Customers across a wide spectrum of business models and services.
The Selcomm solution is arguably the best value for money in the market.  No longer does a company need to invest millions to gain access into a world-class, feature-rich Converged Billing system.  Select Software has taken the ‘barrier to entry’ away for start-up organisations.  Our ongoing implementations for new organisations have proven to be a highly attractive cost model.  Put simply, we offer a fair and highly competitive pricing structure suitable for established providers and start-ups alike, whilst giving you access to leading quality world-class software that will allow you to expand as much as you need.  We are in the business of helping companies grow to be more and more prosperous.  Contact us so we can discuss the commercial scenario that fits your business situation best.
Select has been specialising in implementing Customer Care, BSS, and Converged Billing systems since 1994, which means our rapid deployment model is well proven.  A typical implementation on our Cloud Solution is four weeks, but varies subject to requirements.
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