About the Select Software Group

Select Software Solutions is a leading provider of Converged Billing, BSS, and CRM solutions throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  Select Software was formed in 1994 and is privately owned and operated.  Select is now represented worldwide, so Contact Us for more information.

Our Selcomm Enterprise Suite caters for every need – from the management of new Customers and Subscribers, to Provisioning their Services and Devices, to looking after their Customer Service requirements and yours, and of course Billing.  In addition Selcomm addresses the various Business Models that exist in the Telecommunications arena – Carrier, MVNO, Wholesaler, retailer, etc.

Select Software R&D Pty Ltd is committed to the ongoing development of highly specialised Customer Care and Converged Billing solutions.  Select’s core product, Selcomm, is a suite of fully integrated Converged Billing, BSS, and Customer Care modules, designed to manage a Service Provider’s business, and indeed any business that has similar complexities in its billing.

Further, Select addresses Utility, IOT and M2M requirements – indeed a whole range of Industries – offering complete management solutions and all your Billing requirements as a matter of course – including recurring, subscription, and converged communications.

IoT Billing International Pte Ltd is the Select Group’s International arm headquartered in Singapore.  IoT Billing provides the same Converged Billing, BSS, and Customer Care services via the Selcomm Cloud Service, and places additional emphasis on IoT and M2M network solutions.  With locations around the world, and partners on every continent, IoT Billing can address your needs for these solutions in multiple industries.  This is especially useful for Telecommunications companies who want to broaden their portfolios into MVNE platforms that can address standard telecoms services together with IoT and M2M, and even Utility and Subscription services – all manageable and billable on the same flexible and low-cost platform.

Company History

Select Software  was co-founded by Gavin Nour and Gordon Gielis in 1994, when they saw the opportunity to provide more comprehensive, flexible, and economic solutions for the Telecommunications Industry.

Company founded, initial Telecommunications Suite launched.
Launched Bureau offering (Cloud)
Billing millions per day and numerous service types
International Office Expansion Begins
Improved technology stack
Ongoing Innovation and Architectural Improvements

Key Staff

Gavin Nour

Gavin Nour is the Managing Director of Select Software Solutions.  He has been in the IT industry since 1984 and has been responsible for developing a wide variety of business-critical software applications.  He was IT Manager for a leading UK financial organisation based in London, prior to settling in Australia in 1991.  In Australia, Gavin continued to manage product development for a leading software company, before establishing Select Software Solutions in 1994.  Gavin has continued to use his extensive experience to ensure Select Software Solutions represents quality in all aspects of product and service delivery.

During Gavin’s business career he has also had active roles in helping share technical knowledge in the database and telecommunications user community via non-profit organisations.  He was a founding Board member of the International Informix User Group, an organisation that grew to over ten thousand members during the period Gavin served on the Board.  Gavin was re-elected at international conferences (of up to 5000 in the USA) for six consecutive years.  He was also the Secretary of the Informix User Group in NSW, Australia for approximately seven years.  Gavin has written many articles and his work has been published by SAMS/McMillan Publishing (‘Informix Unleashed’), international magazines and Informix Software’s technical journals on database subjects and quality control.  Gavin was also a committee member of the Telecommunications Society of Australia.

Gordon Gielis

Gordon Gielis is the Technical Director of Select Software Solutions Pty Ltd, and has over 30 years’ experience in IT in a wide variety of industries. He is the co-owner and co-founder along with Gavin Nour. Gordon was the President of the Informix User Group in NSW, Australia and his work has been published by SAMS/McMillan Publishing (‘Informix Unleashed’). For two decades Gordon has concentrated on the telecommunications industry specialising in Order Entry, Provisioning, Customer Care, and Converged Billing applications – which are now extending into other industry scenarios.

Gordon is well-known in the Communications and related Industries. He has presented at numerous conferences and developed White Papers of considerable technical interest. His abiding passion is to ensure Customers receive the functionality and service that is offered by the largest of companies and their software, but at a fraction of the cost and with a much more responsive relationship. Select has lived up to that ideal, and Gordon continues to fly the flag at international events and in Australasia on a regular basis.

Gordon enjoys showing Customers how to get a better solution and then and helping them achieve that. He has developed an intimate knowledge around Integration Services and uses this deep skill to enhance the way Selcomm interfaces with any other software solution.

John Cunningham

John Cunningham is Director, International Sales and Marketing. He has over 40 years’ experience in the Technology Industry, and has held senior roles in multinational companies including Unisys and EDS (now part of HP).

He has been responsible for many very large deals, including major outsourcing contracts worth over US$5 Billion in total and continues to use this exceptional experience in the field of Cloud Services and Enterprise Software Solutions.

Select’s product range is ideal for small and large Communications Service Providers alike, and the flexibility of Select’s approach to business and solution configuration appeals to John immensely.

Having cut his teeth as a developer for a decade or so, and becoming a CIO in the process, John moved into Sales and Marketing in the 1980s. He was responsible for major sales wins involving all solution elements – hardware, software, network, and of course implementation services. This experience led him to become a senior pursuit lead for major outsourcing contracts with Banks and Telcos, during which John was responsible for Solution Architecture, and the full presentation of the solution and its benefits to Customers.

John now lives in Brasil with his wife and manages International Operations from there.


One of the most important constituents of our success is our great people. We are dedicated to attracting and retaining extraordinary contributors. A variety of initiatives and programs offer our team the opportunity to grow and develop their careers, and be rewarded and recognised for their efforts.

Many of our staff have been with us for over a decade, and at the same time we continue to employ and train new staff in the latest technologies as we expand.

Select offers an excellent benefit program to our employees. If you have relevant experience, please Contact Us and we will put you through to our personnel department.

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